Physiotherapy in Barnsley since 2004

Denise Hinchcliffe,
Chief in General

Denise chief of staff at Physiotherapy Barnsley

Denise is a true Marie Kondo challenger. She transformed Physiotherapy Barnsely by Peter Hartley with her organisational skills. She is the chief in general who keeps the team operating at their best by taking care of the bookings, invoices and general operations. 

She has a true obsessive compulsive disorder, she needs structure and discipline in her life and that’s why she makes the clinic’s world go around here at Physiotherapy Barnsley by Peter Hartley.

Denise previously supported special needs children in school, enabling children to enjoy a good quality of life, despite their mental and physical challenges.

She is a keen gardener and a proud grandmother of 5 grandchildren. Known as the task master, when the grandkids arrive they are issued with a to-do list of jobs to do to earn their treats!