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Be your
best self.
Physiotherapy and sports injury specialists
Call Now

Highly recommended and fully qualified chartered physiotherapists with over 24 years experience from Bupa, NHS, rugby league and private clinics. Members of the Health and Care Professions Council and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

We provide world class physiotherapy in Barnsley to enable you to be the best that you can be.

Tramadol Cheap Uk, Tramadol Buy Cod

We don’t do old school physio, here at Peter Hartley Clinic of Physiotherapy in Barnsley we practice a unique technique and we’re proud to be different. We use a hands-on physiotherapy approach to ease your pain and get you back to your best.

Our manual therapy includes a range of treatments including manipulating or mobilizing joints and soft tissues, and techniques to treat nerve pain. We are connected to a network of medical professionals both in the NHS and private health care sector who we work with for patients where the cause of pain or injury requires a wider approach.

We specialize in spine, neck and pelvic problems and we have a high volume of satisfied patients some of who have travelled up and down the country to see us because of our reputation. It’s an achievement for us to get you moving at your best again so we won’t keep treating you for any longer than you need it. We give you the advice and guidance you need to maintain your health and well being with reinforcing exercises following your treatment plan.

It’s very common in the modern world we live in that stressful jobs, the use of technology, repetitive movement and mishandling can cause painful back, neck and pelvic problems that limit our daily lives and these problems are much more common that you think. Some of us inherit musculoskeletal problems and some of us develop them. As our bodies age the likelihood of these problems occurring increases and as we all know at some point in our youth we realize that we’re not invincible anymore.

The most common problems we treat are back pain, neck pain, middle back pain, nerve pain anywhere in the body, trapped nerves, sciatica, vertigo, Achilles pain, joint problems, rehabilitation after surgery and chest pain.

It’s our job to get you back to your optimum mobility and if we can’t fix you we’ll recommend the right specialist who can. We’re proud of what we do and we’re confident that you will feel satisfied with the results.

Know your limitations, and then defy them – with first class physiotherapy treatment.

Sports Injury

Sports injuries can occur from any level of physical activity from the gym, exercise classes, hiking and team sports. Many of our very own professional sports players in the UK suffer from some of the most common sports injuries and only get back to full mobility with specialist treatment here at Peter Hartley Clinic of Physiotherapy in Barnsley.

We have treated some of the UK’s well-known sports professionals and we often recommend a combined approach of physiotherapy and strengthening injections by our recommended rheumatology partner to speed up recovery. Over stretching, twisting and over exertion can result in some of the most common sports injuries causing over stretched or damaged ligaments including an ACL tear or sprain, quad strain, hamstring pull, hip bursitis, lower back pain, tennis elbow (epicondylitis), groin pull, shin splints, and knee injuries.

Although sports injuries are very common we are all individuals and a unique treatment plan will be tailored to suit each individual taking into consideration your reaction to treatment and speed of recovery. Most sports injuries can be prevented with the right pre participation training and we will recommend changes to your training plan to prevent repeat injuries.

Our mission as physiotherapists is simply to get you back to your optimum mobility.

Our Team

Peter Hartley, Physiotherapist

MCSP, HCPC, Senior Advanced Practitioner, Musculoskeletal Specialist.

Peter graduated at Pinderfields College of physiotherapy in 1992, he’s been a practicing physiotherapist for 24 years and he’s a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). After graduation he practiced as a physiotherapist with the NHS at Castleford, Pontefract and Wakefield hospitals before he moved to Bupa in Elland and not long after become the department manager. He has made many appearances on Sky sports as water carrier and of course physio in rugby league with the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Castleford Panthers, and many professional sports players still travel to Peter for treatment, including some well-known football and rugby professionals. He also studied acupuncture in Beijing, China in 1992.

Peter has been running his own private physiotherapy clinic for over 16 years, he’s very passionate about what he does, he takes pride in the quality of his work which is clearly illustrated by the fact that he has never advertised his services in the 16 years he has been running his business, his patients have grown from word of mouth referrals alone.

His most recent personal achievements are passing his 5th Dan Karate in 2015, and winning the national karate championships at age 56. He has practiced martial arts since he was 15 years old, he’s a qualified instructor and black belt in traditional Japanese Karate.

Peter qualified as an industrial chemist when he left school and he spent much of his early career at Hepworth Pipe Company. Between then and going back to school to learn Physiotherapy he has had many businesses including a poultry farm and a construction firm, he’s renovated classic cars for a living including a VW beetle VW camper van and Morris Minor.

Those who already know Peter will also know that he can’t keep still, every 5 minutes of his time is filled with something. In past 8 years he has renovated 4 houses as a hobby. He loves to build things and he loves to fix things and people and that’s why he’s a physiotherapist, also known as ‘Physio Pete’.

We are the enablers, the physiotherapy team in Barnsley that make it possible again.

Suzanne Summerton

Advanced Practitioner, Musculoskeletal Specialist, BSC, MCSP, HCPC

Suzanne graduated in 2001 and started her professional career with the NHS, she has worked
for a number of trusts in the Yorkshire region focusing on pain management and orthopaedic
and neurological rehabilitation. She has been working with Peter as her mentor at Physio
Barnsley since 2017 learning the same techniques Peter practices. Suzanne is teacher of
Physiotherapy led Pilates.
In her spare time she’s loves the outdoors and water sports including paddle boarding with her
husband and two children, her husband is quite competitive and known to challenge her time
and speed performance on the vertirun in the clinic.

We are the enablers, the physiotherapy team in Barnsley that make it possible again.


Bio coming…

We are the enablers, the physiotherapy team in Barnsley that make it possible again.

Denise Hinchcliffe

Chief in General

Denise provides the framework to enable Peter and Suzanne to focus on what they do best.
She organises, schedules and oils those wheels to make sure that the practice runs smoothly.
Feel free to talk to Denise for appointments, follow ups and insurance letters.
Quick witted devoted grandma – without her they wouldn’t function!

Family business practising physiotherapy for more than 24 years, get in touch today.

  • Mon 08:00-19:00
  • Tues 08:00-19:00
  • Wed 08:00-19:00
  • Thurs 08:00-19:00
  • Fri 08:00-19:00
  • Sat 08:00-19:00

Find Us

Physio Barnsley | Peter Hartley MCSP MHCPC | Clinic of Physiotherapy

50 Claycliffe Business Park | Cannon Way | Barugh Green | Barnsley

South Yorkshire | S75 1JU

call us today on 01226 391201 |

We’re right by The Pet Store, enter the business park and take the first road on your left. You’ll find us at the end of the second block, on the left.