It was back in nineteen ninety eight
When I met this super guy
I’d had a sort of “accident”
So that was the reason why.

The top of my spine was injured
I was a total wreck
Although he never said so
I was a “pain in the neck”.

Treatment was several times a week
‘Twas as much as I could bear
I said its worse than the labour ward
And could I have gas and air.

He used traction and various types of machines
But I wanted a turn on the bike
I tried to tell him it’s good for your spine
But he simply said “wot yer like”.

But two years on my knee was bad
It was hurting me so much
I said to him “let’s get things straight”
Just look but don’t you touch.

He’ll never know how grateful I am
I admit he’s simply the best
I wouldn’t dream of telling him that
He’s better than all of the rest.

To finish off my little tale
This guy just couldn’t be sweeter
He’s not only my physio
He’s my friend – “a man called Peter”.

Brenda, December 2000.